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Knights duel
strategic team game

Which Knights Team Will Win the Duel and Gain the Precious Nobility Status?

The Game is Available in English

Who will be able to return to the Queen of England the treasure of gold coins that was stolen from her in the Middle Ages and buried in an abandoned castle, inside treasure chests that were encrypted with various and strange puzzles?

Knights Duel is a strategic team game, a unique combination of puzzles and strategy room, in which you play team against team, in two parts of an abandoned castle, with one goal - to accumulate the largest amount of gold coins, more than the opposing team.

Do this by solving puzzles at different levels of difficulty, but at the same time you will also have to deal with the team that competing with you. Therefore, work strategically to impair the ability of the competing team to accumulate more coins than you.

Unlike a classic escape room, where you play as a team against the room in order to escape from it in the shortest time, here you play against other team in order to win with the largest amount of gold coins in a limited time.
Here the team that wins is not necessarily the team that solved the biggest amount of puzzles, but the one with the best strategy.

Only you - the Knights of the Kingdom, will be able to return to the Queen her gold coins before it is too late and the treasure boxes will be destroyed, and so is the treasure within them.

But which team of knights will return more gold coins to the queen? Will these be the Northern Knights or the Southern Knights?
Only you will determine that!

Get ready for a challenging experience, full of competition and adrenaline, at the end of which only one team will win the duel and gain the precious nobility status!


why knights duel?

Amazing experience in the middle ages

Who is the team that will return the largest amount of gold coins to the Queen?

Unique and challenging team game

Who is the most strategic team that will win the duel?

not just another escape room

Forget everything you knew about escape rooms

Challenging group events

Fun and challenging days for groups, companies and more

Suitable for small and large groups

Couples, Families and Friends

Unforgettable Birthdays

Birthdays and other events

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what can we do after the game?

After enjoying the Knights Duel,
You can experience a Laser Tag game full of adrenaline


Which is on our place -
with a significant discount!

And immediately afterwards you can enjoy different restaurants, bars and other places of entertainment, because we are located in the center of the entertainment area of Netanya!

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